About Surreal 3D Art

Surreal 3D art is a portal into Ml. walker's art....... For several years now, I've explored different art genres and discovered various methods which have allowed me to bring my imagination to life. Color, design and optical illusion are areas where I've experimented, however; chess, as it relates to art is my passion and primary focus. I've always had a strange attraction to those things that challenge the imagination.... things that are seemingly apparent, but in truth are not. My art is simply an extension of my natural curiosity, furthermore; I see art ( all forms of art ) as a metaphor for life and the human experience. Art has a way of communicating on a basic and intuitive level, provided that it is born of truth. When asked to interpret my art as individual pieces, I'm reluctant because I believe that the true definition of an image exists only in the set of references from which the viewer draws.Therefore, I've concludes that the greatest gift an artist can give is to allow the viewer an opportunity to explore what a particular piece of art means to him or her... individually...

-ML. Walker-

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